SEA Reunion: Krabi

Maya Bay at Phi Phi Islands

Ahhhh, even with Foursquare, I somehow managed to leave out so much about Bangkok. So before you continue, do my anxiety a favor and check out the second half of the updated part one. I guess I was just too anxious to share the post…

So now’s the real challenge—remembering my favorite (and not-so-favorite but worthy-of-mentioning) moments after I soaked my phone and couldn’t check in. Here we go.

Krabi Ao Nang beach

“Maweena Espresh” | Marina Express Fisherman Ao Nang
After flying from Bangkok to Krabi, we checked in to our hotel that opened mere months before. The funniest thing is how my boyfriend so accurately pronounces the hotel’s name in a Thai accent. I crack up every time.

Oh, and the hotel itself is great. We had a nice view of the street with the mountain as a backdrop from the balcony, and we were able to enjoy the pool surrounded by palm trees all to ourselves on a late afternoon. One of our favorite moments on our trip: floating on the edge of the pool looking up at the clouds, playing the cliché game of “What Does That Cloud Look Like?”

Stumbling Upon the No. 1 Restaurant on TripAdvisor | May & Zin
Our first meal in Krabi by far surpassed that in Bangkok. We finally tried pad thai that lived up to my expectations. Don’t bother looking for authentic Thai food in the tourist trap that is Asiatique in Bangkok. Little did we know that this restaurant we found randomly is No. 1 on TripAdvisor. I think it was No. 3 when we initially looked it up. Anyway, knowing this definitely satisfies the Review Reliant Tourist in me.

That Motorbike Accident | Rocky Dirt Ditch
My boyfriend’s right: Moments like this you just have to laugh about. I mean, picture this: I walked into FamilyMart with blood gushing down my leg from my gaping wound on my knee, as I tried to avoid getting blood on my new dress from Bangkok and tried to get help. In a FamilyMart. Once an employee saw my pathetic state, she pointed to the pharmacy we missed right next door. While I was receiving treatment with blood still visibly all over my knee, some tourist walked in asking for a waterproof cover for his new tattoo. #facepalm

For the week afterward, my knee at times looked pretty gruesome—pizza-like, I realized, when we ate Vietnamese pizza in Hanoi. #gross (a word I said every night I cleaned and put the yellow Betadine solution on it)

Disappointing Maya Beach | Phi Phi Islands
We booked a last-minute tour of Phi Phi Islands (1,300 baht/person), which includes a stop at Maya Bay, made famous from the movie The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Unfortunately, as our tour guide described it, the beach looked like a market, crowded with tourists and boats and just a mess. We had high expectations. We swam and snorkeled during this half-day tour. It was exhausting but fun. And yes, you can bet we got our third Thai massage after such a long day.

Touring Phi Phi Islands Maya Bay at Phi Phi Islands

Elephant Trekking | Ao Nang Safari
Riding an elephant was an idea we got from a Malaysian tourist we met on the Phi Phi Island tour. So the next morning we went to experience the unpleasant, hot ride (600 baht/person plus 200 tip). The reviews you read online about mistreatment of elephants in my opinion seem exaggerated, but I would have to agree that you’re better off spending your time relaxing on a beach than on an old and/or pregnant elephant under the sweltering sun through muddy forests and dirty rivers. So what? We rode an elephant in Thailand. And all we got was a 150-baht framed picture (may share eventually).

Dropping my Phone into Seawater | Railay Beach
I feel like I’ve written enough about this, so if you’re not already caught up on my phone-less woes, feel free to read about this pleasant experience. And no, soaking it in a 110-baht bag of Thai rice overnight wasn’t enough.

Street Food | Ao Nang
It’s a shame we didn’t have street food for every meal in Krabi, only having tried it on our final night. It’s amazing. Don’t bother spending a baht in an empty, expensive restaurant. Photos from my boyfriend’s phone to come soon. BBB chicken, avocado and banana smoothie, Nutella and peanut butter pancake, papaya salad, mango sticky rice… #DROOLING #MISSINGIT

Coming soon in part three 🙂