51st floor lobby at the Ritz-Carlton, Macau

Following My Heart

51st floor lobby at the Ritz-Carlton, MacauInstead of writing about the dilemmas of being a lucky bitch, I’m focusing now on appreciating the wonders of being a lucky bitch…

The most beautiful thing about my life at this point is the freedom to follow my heart.

When you love (or hate) something, some place, or someone, you just know. You should feel it immediately.

And so within the first few hours of arriving in Hong Kong, I knew I loved it.

It’s crazy to think that I even fell in love with the city two years ago when I had visited for only a few days and only remember eating and shopping. This time, seeing so many more sides to Hong Kong, I fell even harder.

I’m fortunate enough to be able to say that there are many places I’ve traveled to that I would love to see again, but never have I been able to say (and repeat…) definitively that I will live somewhere ASAP.

Until now.

In a year or two, I will live in Hong Kong. My attraction toward this city is that strong.

The beaches, mountains, harbor, LKF nightlife, incredible views in every corner, shopping, food…how can I not see myself settling down here for more than a few years?

So the difference between moving to Guangzhou and moving to Hong Kong is simple: Living in Guangzhou is a means to living in Hong Kong. While I am happy to start my career in Guangzhou, I am ecstatic at the goal of settling down in Hong Kong.

How simple of a goal to imagine: I love Hong Kong, and therefore, I will live there soon enough. That’s the idealistic beauty I have with my life. It very well may not turn out that way, but I like to think that things will somehow work out when following your heart.

What may not work in 10 years might be perfect right now. I’d rather focus on what I want now. Right now, I want to travel as much as possible. And hey, I literally have only two days in Guangzhou in August. Now that’s traveling.

It’s so cliché, but life is too short to worry about the ever-changing future.