Hong Kong Haul

Asia beauty haul

After almost a week of no blogging, I am back—this time from a five-day trip to Hong Kong and Macau!

Hong Kong skyline from Victoria's Peak
Hong Kong skyline from Victoria’s Peak.

What an incredible trip. I’ll save details on my love for HK for another post.

For this one, I’ll focus on how I adequately channeled the typical Chinese tourist with all my shopping. It’s quite uncharacteristic of me, but with still so many adventures to look forward to this month before officially starting work, I guess I felt the need to stock up.

Asia beauty haul
Sorry for the shitty quality.

One of my first stops was Sasa, a beauty store that I quickly learned was in almost every corner of Hong Kong and Macau. My new obsession.

After using the two facial masks I got for free and brought with me to Guangzhou, I was addicted and wanted more. My mom’s friend took me and my friend to the closest Sasa, where she helped me pick out a box of hilarious facial masks—ones that have a Beijing opera face printed on it. (I can’t find the exact product online to link to.) You can bet I used one that night.

But I wasn’t satisfied with getting a box of 10, so I went ahead and got 10 different kinds of masks from Skinlite. I specifically remember telling my male friend not to judge me and what looked absolutely ridiculous with me picking out mask after mask after mask. I judged me.

My final item of that first trip (yep, that was not the only) was waterproof mascara from one of Hong Kong’s most popular mascara brands that no one knows how to properly pronounce—Majolica Majorca. The grand total came to nearly $500 HKD, which includes a 20-percent discount from my HK friend. #cringe

Then in the hotel bathroom lighting, I noticed my teeth looked yellower than usual. While under the HK Shopping Spell, I immediately decided to buy whitening strips the next day. Who knew it would be such a hot mission to find whitening strips in Hong Kong? FYI, the only place that sells them in stores are Mannings stores. Sasa, Bonjour, Colourmix, AND Watsons all only sell skin whitening products. If anything, they should be carrying teeth whitening strips. Skin whitening is not as “in” as it has been, I read.

Jeez. If I read post this just a few months back, I wouldn’t believe how superficial I’ve gotten with beauty products. Thanks, YouTube.

Anyway, I finally was able to splurge $233 HKD on a pack of 40 Crest 3D Luxe strips, and after only two uses, I’ve already noticed a difference. I’ve used these years ago, so I felt confident these would work. Didn’t know it would be THAT effective. My teeth have always been on the sensitive side, though. (I mean, I use Sensodyne toothpaste). I definitely felt pain after just one use, but I think it’s because I completely ignored the instructions on not using immediately after brushing your teeth. Oops.

So yes, I returned to Sasa another day. But hey! This time I mainly wanted to get my HK friend a gift for showing us around the city. She had wanted to get a ~$500 HKD eyelash growth product but decided she didn’t want to carry it around. Perfect! Another friend said he wanted to try masks after I raved about them. So I got him one and then decided I wanted to try that brand, too. It’s a cute animal mask with red ginseng from Berrisom. At checkout, I was sucked into spending another $148 so I could get a discount. The crazy thing is that the employee helped pick up the very product I had learned from watching yet another YouTube video the night before—Banila Co’s Clean It Zero cleanser. The salesperson told me they had just restocked since it’s been so popular. Of course I was sold.

The day before this trip, I even went to a popular Asian store called Mini So that sells everything from perfume to backpacks—all for around $10. I couldn’t resist buying a pack of Japanese collagen eye masks. Ugh. I’m in a mask phase, if you couldn’t tell. Seriously, though, I think it makes sense for someone just entering the addictive beauty world. They’re so simple, compared to the potential mess of actual makeup.

And despite spending so much time and money on my eyes and face, I decided to buy something that would cover all that—oversized hipster sunglasses from an art collective in Hong Kong. They cost me $330 HKD, but I knew I loved them as soon as I spotted them and just couldn’t resist.

New sunglasses from HK's PMQ
Hong Kong through my eyes.

For those more attentive readers, you may have noticed one final item in my haul photo—an open pearl ring atop the Banila cream. I blew $280 HKD on it in Macau’s Old Taipa Village. That’s about $40 USD. So it could be worse. At a Forever 21 shop next to the Ruins at St. Paul’s in Macau the night before, I had also spent nearly $500 HKD on cute clothing and a swimsuit for my Thailand trip.

I’m afraid to think about how much I spent on this trip, but you know. When not in the overly expensive China, a Chinese girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do.

Oh, and I’m leaving tomorrow for a six-day trip to Qingdao, home of the Tsingtao beer and…beaches that smell of rotten eggs during the summer? I’ll let you know if that’s the case…

SO MUCH TRAVEL. More adventures to share soon ❤