The ‘Guess Everything That Could Go Wrong’ Game

So it’s time to play the “Guess Everything That Could Go Wrong” game. It’s simple: I give you a scenario, and you try to guess as many things that could go wrong (because I bet you can’t).

Scenario: Take the train to go from Guangzhou to Shenzhen.

Now take a few minutes to think of at least several problems.


Every possible thing.

You might need to write them down.

OK. Allow me to share my terribly unlucky experience. Interesting to note that this is the second time I’ve had such an unlucky experience taking a high-speed train in China. First was in Hangzhou and now this. But this experience by far tops the first one in terms of bad luck and stupidity.

1 — Forget my passport. Apparently now in Guangzhou, you must bring either your passport or a local ID. This starts the journey of me insisting that I return from the station to my apartment alone, while my mom and her cousin waited for me.

2 — Don’t bring a phone with a SIM card. Just in case, right? My cousin was with my mom, so I could have totally used it to call my mom.

3 — Forget my actual passport and don’t realize it until I return to the station. WHAT THE FUCK, SONIA?! So my mom had asked me to also pick up her white dress, because she didn’t like how she looked in pictures in her current outfit. I was so preoccupied with getting her dress and my smaller purse to put it in that, in my frantic rush to return so I wouldn’t take two hours roundtrip, utterly forgot the main reason I came back.

4 — Return to the wrong Guangzhou Railway Station. Because apparently there are two. No wonder it only took me a fraction of the time to return to the station the first time.

5 — It starts raining. Just to add a touch of perfection to this horror story.

6 — Run out of money on my metro card. OK. Thankfully have a bag of coins from my cousin to use.

7 — Buy the wrong ticket on the machine. Because I didn’t know how to buy one that transferred. So upon arriving at the correct station, I had to go to the customer service desk when I couldn’t exit with one of my tickets, only to realize I could have just used the other ticket of the two I bought out of confusion.

8 — Arrive back at meeting point THREE HOURS LATER, only to realize they’re gone. But actually, they were down the hallway, and I had passed them rushing to the meeting point.


But I finally arrived in Shenzhen. Woot.