Prague Plans


PragueSince I don’t want to rely entirely on my sister to show us around Prague and after learning my lesson to do adequate research before traveling (so I don’t miss the freakin’ magnus opus of a famous architect, for example), I’m making a bucket list of things to do. And I’m calling it a bucket list rather than, say, list of potential adventures because these sound too fun not to do.

Running tour. Uh oh. As I’m trying to find pros for doing this, I’m only thinking of the cons, which include:

  • I hate tours, especially fast-paced ones that don’t let you appreciate sites, only take photos or shop
  • I love running, but it’s going to be nearly 100 degrees Fahrenheit most days we’ll be there
  • Any pictures I take of myself will be a sweaty mess
  • I’ll have to do it alone, since my mom and sister don’t understand exercise

But…but it sounds so fun. OK. Let’s start over.


Opening Ceremony of the Commemoration Festival of Master Jan Hus 2015. Because #culture. And apparently this Jan Hus guy is really famous.

Smetana Philharmonic Orchestra Prague. Because more #culture and Jan Hus.

Náplavka Farmers Market. Food! Beer! What’s not to love?

Beer tasting. There are several options, but this 90-minute one seems best. Can you believe there’s one that lasts eight hours?! #dead

Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague: Hollywood Night. Music from Les Miz, Titantic, and more! Or…

Prague Music Chamber Orchestra: Strauss, Mozart, Dvorak & Opera with Ballet. Same theater, different hall. Both sound amazing.


Dish. Best burgers in Prague? Sign me up.

As many places as possible on Foursquare’s top picks list. MUST.

And for that matter, Yelp.

Can’t forget TripAdvisor. I’ll make more specific decisions with my mom and sister when the time comes…


Vítkov. Climbing + views.

National Technical Museum. #tech

Letná Beer Garden. Best beer in Europe = many beer-related activities.

Prague Castle. My mom would LOVE the architecture.

Municipal House Hall. Maybe also check out a performance.

Speaking of bucket lists, thanks to Steve on TripAdvisor for this great guide.

Suzana’s isn’t bad, either.

Frank Gehry’s Dancing Building. LOL at the terrible TripAdvisor reviews but worth Instagramming if time permits 😉

Ugh, where was all this research for my Euro trip 😦 And no, all those saved Foursquare spots don’t count.

Actually, I must comment on how thoroughly impressed I am by Prague’s tourism website. Not only does it provide a ton of great content and useful information, but it’s also beautifully designed. And for those of you who follow me on Twitter, you especially should know how much I love design.

Its article about the top 10 reasons to visit Prague is no joke. I’m going to take some time to read through it. Just a quick glance and I can already tell it isn’t just any listicle, but also an informative, well-researched listicle. Thank you, Prague City Tourism.

I’ll look into this all more before departure. Can’t believe I’m returning to Europe so soon. ❤

They even made a time-lapse video. Bravo, Prague. Bravo.