It’s a (Wo)man’s World

BMW Welt Munich

Save for the very country club-like brunch, today comprised activities traditionally of interest to men—gawking at cars at the BMW Museum and BMW Welt and then drinking to our hearts desire (which wasn’t much) at a Bavarian beer and food tour.

Are we Germans yet?

We had a blast at the BMW Museum and the BMW Welt next door.

And then…the beer tour. The tour started off well. While checking in, the tour guide asked about my supreme fisheye lens, and I demoed for him what it did (“helps you take more legit photos”). I saved the photos for humorous effect.

Before the tour started, we each got a half-liter bottle of beer, learning that it wasn’t “ice cold” like the Americans were used to (yes, one American actually asked why, complaining that it wasn’t as cold as expected) because cheap American beers contain a ton of preservatives and other chemicals that make warmer beers taste bad. When brands like BudLight make their beers ice cold, the cold on your tastebuds masks all these unpleasant tastes. The crowd…as expected from the photos online—mostly middle-aged adults who love beer.

Selfie before Bavarian Beer & Food Tour begins
Selfie before Bavarian Beer & Food Tour begins.

And although the tour guide Keith was fantastic (great personality, attitude, knowledge), some of the 27 members in our tour group (all American save for three Canadians and two Australians) acted rather rudely. Does our averse reaction perhaps hint to our sheltered backgrounds? It’s a thought we certainly contemplated over brunch the next morning, but consider what we witnessed.

1 — Filipino Woman
Dressed in tight, gold pants and matching gold velcro sneakers, married to Older (Presumably Rich) White Male. Both from Boston.

First sign of rudeness: Cut in front of my friend while rushing to get a seat on the tram. Got up to ask tour guide a question. Returned to stand next to seated husband. Lady got on tram and “took her seat.” She said this aloud, looking at this woman. Then told husband to get up so she could sit. She sat for about two seconds before getting up again.

Second sign: Overheard conversation with a registered nurse about her tattoos: “You know, a friend of mine got fired for having tattoos. She had to remove hers. Are you sure you’re okay with them?” Why try to worry someone who clearly knows the risks?

Third sign: To husband: “I broke my phone!” Husband told her to stop playing with it. Her immediate response: “Shut up.” During dinner, my friend continued to turn to me, telling me how rude this woman was treating the husband—even during dinner in front of strangers!

What put us over the edge: “Where are you from?” Dorchester, my friend answered. “Oh! That area… I’m, like, scared to drive through there…” She stopped talking to us. My friend felt extremely insulted. Waiting outside the Hofbraukeller restaurant, she pointed to my friend while talking to her husband, telling him she was from Dorchester. Shocked at this observation, my friend gave the woman a look of WTF, which somehow prompted the couple to walk over, asking my friend about her post-grad plans (full-time at PWC). The moment of redemption, in my opinion. Go, Kelly!

2 — 20-Year-Old Beer Addict
In addition to describing each beer with connoisseur-like detail, she openly talked about stealing one of the beer glasses. She also was one of the first to finish the entire half-liter of beer we got before the tour even started.

3 — Ignorant GoPro Couple
The GoPro couple was cute at first. Until I overheard the woman (the registered nurse from above) laughing at my friend’s “Asian blush.” First, it’s Asian glow, and second, of all people, you as a nurse should know better. Then it got unbelievably worse when one of the intoxicated tourists got up to try doing a move that tested whether you were drunk or not. After he couldn’t do it, the man mocked him, yelling, “HA! HE’S DYSLEXIC! HA HA! DYSLEXIC!!” What the actual fuck? Then when the nurse found out that my friend was studying for the CPA, she gave some sound advice: “Just study for three days, like, all day, before the test. I’m sure you’ll pass.” No comment.

And well, there were those Peanut Gallery Americans who kept shouting things randomly throughout the tour. Man, this group. But that Rude Filipino Woman offended my friend to the point of disbelief. You know that’s bad.

But to avoid ending this post so negatively, check out photos of the moments we did enjoy, from huge beer “samples” to white sausages. Really, it was a solid tour. Just the people made it slightly unbearable.