#ARTventures in Munich

Pinakothek der Moderne Munich
Café Frischhut
Schmalznudl is a delicious donut-like pastry that you must try before you die, according to a Foursquare reviewer.

With a day starting off with that yummy goodness, how could it be bad? (No, don’t worry, it doesn’t turn bad.)

Café Frischhut
Perfectly limited menu at Café Frischhut.
Freshly made schmalznudl at Café Frischhut
Freshly made schmalznudl!

For our final full day in the relaxing city of Munich, we spent it exploring more of the city’s cultural offerings at the Pinakothek der Moderne museum and Museum Brandhorst next door. We went on a lucky day—the insurance company Allianz sponsored today, giving free access to visitors. Such a wonderful museum, full of architecture, design, and even the first Apple computers! Such a pleasant surprise to see also old mobile telephones, an electric violin and cello, and Picasso paintings. One of the first exhibits we visited, the security guard with a heavy German accent and broken English was inquisitive about our backgrounds (Japan? China?) and told us what we were looking at (city density in Shanghai, Dubai, etc.). He was great, helping to set the fun mood of a well-designed museum full of great art.

After such a great experience at Pinakothek, we headed to Museum Brandhorst expecting something similar. Unfortunately, not only did Allianz not sponsor this museum’s tickets for the day (7 euros/ticket), but the staff immediately came off as not as friendly. Guard at the door told me I couldn’t take pictures. Another guard downstairs at the “Dark Pop” exhibit kept eyeing me down, ready to yell at me if I even took out my phone from under the jacket draped over my hand and arm. The only redeeming part of this museum was Andy Warhol. Although I couldn’t get pics of those works, I managed to sneak in a few photos. Not nearly as exciting as Pinakothek :/

Of course, all was well because we treated ourselves finally to the cakes we had seen from day one in Munich at Café Rischart. #drool

After making one final stop at the English Garden tomorrow, we’ll head to another beautiful city—Barcelona! So excited!