London Calling

Jubilee Market in London

Oh, has three days passed so soon? How we wish we could stay in the culture-laden city of London! My friend with whom I’m traveling studied abroad here last semester, and her experiences only reinforce how little time we allocated for a such a great city and how much I have yet to experience. Nonetheless, I think I got a pretty good bargain for the little time we did have.

The first morning, we were lucky. Perfect weather for running at Kennington Park, mere minutes from our Airbnb. On the way to the park, I couldn’t help but take note of the surroundings, from the bare trees to the #ARTsy housing.

At the park, we separated ways (different running speeds) but soon found out just how small this park was, especially as it was undergoing renovations. Still, I managed to find a cool skate bowl tucked in one corner of the park and appreciated the abundant greenery.

Skate bowl at Kennington Park
Skate bowl at Kennington Park.
Huge trees at Kennington Park
Huge trees at Kennington Park.

After a quick shower, we headed to town for brunch at Kopapa near Covent Garden. Of course, I had to get what its most famous for—Turkish eggs! Absolutely matched the hype. Afterward, we walked around, taking in the exciting surroundings and making our way toward Jubilee Market, where I tried Ben’s Cookies for the first time. Amazing.

Next up was British Museum, which was great but wish we had more time!! Had to miss out on the China porcelain because we needed time to check out Trafalgar Square and Picadilly Circus and get dinner at Wahaca (where Kelly had dined before) before our 7:30 Book of Mormon showing at the Prince of Wales Theatre. As it turned out, we actually had extra time before the show (which was hilarious, by the way. If only I hadn’t been so tired for the first half… Tried so hard to not doze off.) and went to the bakery Kelly had eyed all semester when she was here but never went. Naturally, after our substantial Mexican meal at Wahaca, we walked across the street to enjoy dessert. With some time, we also stopped by a cute card store.

By the end of our—mind you—FIRST day, I was simply exhausted. Really enjoyed the day and looked forward to the next, but all that exploring takes a toll on you. Anyway, at risk of making this too long, I’ll save our last 1.5 days in London for another post 😉

By the way, follow me on Snapchat (ssu) and Instagram (@SoniaSu_) for quicker updates on what I’m up to 🙂 I like to think I’m pretty quick with editing, uploading, ordering, captioning all these photos while traveling, but it’s nowhere near as immediate as sharing on Snapchat and Instagram. Some Snapchats from the British Museum, complete with the cool geofilters that were part of the universal story. Of course, photos never make it but I tried with a video of 500 years worth of watches—which was such a cool exhibit!

12:45. Should probably sleep but the last 1.5 days were just too interesting not to share. Sleep can wait.