How I Should (Not) Spend My Time

I’m having a blast with InDesign actually downloaded on my laptop (versus trekking to COM to use their computers).


Despite how this is only a part of my never-ending to-do list, I prefer procrastinating with this software to design a simple to-do list that I wrote today in class. Let’s reflect:

  • Booking a restaurant for the graduation dinner that my parents insist on having is a fucking hassle. Either my family pays an exorbitant amount to book a private dining room, or we try to get a few tables together at some Asian restaurant, spending a fraction of the price. Pros and cons to both.
  • I’m so thankful for my professor’s and supervisor’s recommendations that helped me win the Blue Chip Award, apparently the highest honor conferred to BU COM students—which only means my gifts need to be extra amazing.
  • My beat journalism class (literally, the entire class) is tasked to cover a nearly three-hour talk, featuring New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof. Don’t get me wrong—I’m stoked at how we even got such an established journalist to come speak here. But the idea of being one of many students covering the same story (an event, nonetheless) just does not excite me. As a result, I’m forcing myself to take on my professor’s other, less-popular suggestion of covering what we’ve been covering all semester. My beat has been Cambridge, and I’m still passionate about it. I’ve been able to get some great stories out of it, and if I can find (with the severely limited time left) another great story, I’m running with it.

And the rest is quite self-explanatory. I’m going to save only a couple bucks if I go through with this free T-ride adventure thing on Friday, but I’m using it as an excuse to cross more things off my bucket list (yeah, still not a tangible thing but I have some ideas).

Alright, enough procrastination. Expect to see more #procrastinationOnInDesign posts 😉