Playing Catch Up

It has been a little too easy to forgo blogging lately. So my laziness has certainly led to regret.

Quite a lot has happened, with the most shocking news being the death of my legendary professor David Carr. Frankly, it’s too depressing to dwell upon—four news outlets have already reached out for comment from me, and numerous people have written suitably glowing obits for and essays on the amazing man—and David deserves them all—but I hope you understand my desire to make a somewhat brief statement on the matter. It is quite amazing just how far-reaching his influence and impact has been. That night when The New York Times sent out that breaking news alert while I was in bed ready to sleep, I ended up spending more than an hour afterward thumbing through Twitter and Facebook. The saturation of emotion-filled reactions on Twitter surprised me the most. Of course, I had already gotten a glimpse of just how incredible he was both as a writer and professor from that one class we had, but the reactions from people across industries—not just media—confirmed this. David, no matter how brief of an interaction you had with us and anyone else in your life, you have inspired us all. R.I.P. ❤

I suppose the natural transition is to discuss his successors for our class. (Note that Dean Fiedler and others specifically pointed out David will have successors, not replacements. No one will ever replace David.) I was quite overjoyed to learn that Ta-Nehisi Coates, the senior editor of The Atlantic who just won the coveted Polk Award, will be the primary instructor, along with Martin Nisenholtz, most known for his work with bringing the Times into the digital space. In addition to looking for jobs in Asia, I’m applying for a fellowship at The Atlantic and am actually quite a fan of Coates’ work, especially during his time in France. Basically, I’m super excited and welcome them both with open arms.

Other exciting news about my life? I snagged an interview with the editor of TechCrunch China and founder of Technode in Shanghai. We were supposed to Skype earlier this week but have rescheduled for after the Lunar New Year. As for the Princeton in Asia fellowship, I’m still waiting until March 15, when all placements or updates on placements should be sent out. This waiting game is not fun. As a second-semester senior, I’m finding an increasing desire to know exactly what I’ll be doing and where. After all, graduation is just 86 days away, and after a month of traveling Europe, I will be working and attempting to live as an adult. Bring it on.

Speaking of traveling, I can’t believe spring break is a mere two weeks away. For those of you living under a rock, Mother Nature has gifted Boston several snowstorms within a few weeks, leaving small mountains of snow and just blankets of snow throughout the state. And yet, in two short weeks, my roommate and I will be traveling to Istanbul. Upon returning, we will enjoy a Pentatonix concert. And then—our 22nd birthdays. Oh, and somewhere in the middle of all that chaos is my placement in Asia (or lack of). I hope my heart can handle it.

…and speaking of hearts (my transitions are marvelously unplanned, I promise), I spent Valentine’s Day with my female friend enjoying ourselves at a spa on Newbury Street, getting our nails done, and then feasting on yummy pasta and chocolate cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory (the wait at Max Brenner? 1.5 hours. No, thank you). #TREATYOSELF (omg, I also finally finished all six seasons of “Parks and Rec” on Netflix. The later seasons were harder to get through but I finally did it. Now I’m all about that “Fresh Off the Boat” weirdness).

I also received a Valentine from a “secret admirer.” I woke up to see the cute box of chocolates outside my door and obviously had to Instagram it. Unfortunately, that secret admirer has yet to reveal his/her identity, and my curiosity is killing both me and my roommate, who also received one.

So those are the main updates. I may have missed some, but that’s the punishment I get (yes, I, because I need to record everything or else I forget) for becoming such a lazy blogger that my sister had to text me about how I haven’t updated in a while.

I’m attending an AWESOME startup competition today and using it as a “meeting” story in Cambridge for my beat reporting class. I even asked my professor to check that this would count, and she approved. Yay for avoiding boring city council and school board meetings! Let’s just hope I can find a way to get there, with the T not being a reasonable option and taxis with wait times of 45 minutes.

Life after snow (and by that, I mean blizzards. Mother Nature somehow continues to cover us in a few inches of snow every day) is slowly giving us back the normalcy we had been missing. And that apparently includes blogging. It feels good 🙂