Enough Snow Days!

You know you’ve had too many snow days when you find yourself yelling, “Nooooo!” upon the news of yet another snow day.

Yes, by some twisted act of nature, BU has canceled school for a fourth day in two weeks.

I’m so tired of the snow, and I just want to go to David Carr’s class. How unlucky for us to get such an incredible opportunity to take a class with Carr and have two out of three classes canceled so far!

In other news, I’m happy to hear that people still read my blog, despite my slacking on updating. I’ve been recovering from a cold (flu?) all last week. It started on Monday (a, surprise, snow day), when I was literally bedridden all day. Never have I been as sick as to feel so weak that I was writhing in pain in bed, freezing in one moment and then waking up to having to strip all the layers I had put on in another. It was a pleasant Monday. I couldn’t even pull myself together to watch Netflix while writhing. Gasp.

I’m still recovering, with a phlegmy cough and now less-stuffy nose. I did pull myself together for the most important interviews in my life on Friday, however. I interviewed with two people, and I felt I aced my first interview. The second—not so much. But you know, we’ll see. If you care for more details, we can chat in person.

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of when 14 of us embarked on a journey to have what ended up being the best time of our lives in Shanghai. Some of us reunited over dim sum in Chinatown. Oh, how we miss Shanghai. ❤