Final Winter Break of College

Paddle boarding in Magens Bay in St. Thomas

My final first week of college flew by. I’ve been procrastinating on blogging about the second half of winter break, but I need to do it.

The trip from Vegas to the Bahamas went terribly, to say the least. Thankfully, that night after arriving in Nassau turned out well, enjoying what the area’s known for—alcoholic daiquiris. With loud music and a fantastic employee who kept giving us the leftovers of whatever drink he just whipped up while we sat underneath the small shack, it was impossible not to let go.

The next day, I did something I would have never done—sneak into the Atlantis resort. The next time you see me, feel free to ask me for more details. That’s all I’ll say about this 😉

Saturday meant BOOZE CRUISE. I would have never thought that I would ever go on a booze cruise, let alone enjoy myself on one. The absolute BEST part was landing on a private island and spontaneously driving a jet boat with my friend seated behind me. HANDS DOWN—THE MOST FUN I HAD IN SO LONG. CES was crazy fun, but man, nothing beats the physical rush and adrenaline felt when in control of a high-speed boat in the clear waters of the Caribbean. #takemeback

Other firsts: Pretending to steer the boat before we left the dock and snorkeling 🙂

Our final day in Nassau started off, of course, with our final rum daiquiri, chilling at the beach behind a resort, doing photo shoots everywhere, and finally enjoying our final meal at the famous Fish Fry, an area of town home to several restaurants that serve the Bahamas staple of conch.

And then it was off to another adventure: San Juan, Puerto Rico. What made the stay even better was just being blown away by our accommodations at Ciqala Luxury Suites. If and when you ever go to San Juan, you MUST stay at Ciqala. Try to not want to stay forever. That’s how we felt, even on first night.

On our first full day in the beautiful city of San Juan, we took the bus (75 cents each—how could you NOT love PR) into Old San Juan. At the dock, we encountered a tour guide who recommended a restaurant called Raices. The food sucked, but the mojitos were so strong and good that they made the rest of the day pretty much perfect 🙂

We returned to Old San Juan the next day and went on a tour of the Bacardi distillery. Little did we know, we would meet a pastor and accountant who would treat us to a lovely dinner. Their love for each other was so inspiring. Hilariously enough, I bonded with the wife who shared similar tastes in music. We both love the Piano Guys and 2Cellos. #LOL #oldsouls

And finally, the day came for San Juan’s annual San Sebastian Street Festival! Had SO much more fun than expected. Amazing crowds, amazing music, amazing ambience.

Coming from having such a great time in Puerto Rico, St. Thomas had a lot to live up to. And although we got free shots of the best alcohol we’ve ever tasted at the airport upon arrival, everything pretty much went downhill from there.

Of course, the very next day, we got ourselves out of St. Thomas to the island of St. John, where we had such a better time, swimming in the beautiful beaches of Trunk Bay.

We hit up another beach—apparently rated top 10 in the world?!—on St. Thomas the next day. Man, not a fan of paying to enjoy the beach, but we had to yet again for Magens Bay. Anyway, after kayaking with my friend, I went paddle boarding for the first time. So calming. What an experience.

The trip ended with us making one last stop at what became our favorite café. We have a tendency to return to places we really like before leaving.

As much fun as we ended up having, we all felt glad to be returning to normalcy, and, for me, an actual bed. The Airbnb that I booked ended up being so shitty that I slept on a bench in the kitchen (I wish I were kidding) the two out of the three nights we were in St. Thomas, only adding to how crappy our experience overall was, compared to the heaven that was San Juan and Ciqala.

Phew. That’s it. I will of course always have much more to say, so please don’t hesitate to hit me up. I’m all about those #travelstories.

Until next time.