Only in Vegas

So updating daily couldn’t happen, but every other day is close enough?

I’ll try to do a final summary of CES 2015 once all this is over (sad!), but here are photos from day two (slowly uploading the crazy number of photos I took today with typical bad Vegas WiFi)!

Covering LG Electronics’ press conference was a crazy and exhilarating experience. For my first press conference at CES, I’m proud of my coverage both on Twitter and on the BU News Service website (check it out!).

As the event wrapped up, I learned quickly of the mad rush to the display of all the products covered during the conference, and despite the crowds, I was determined to wait patiently for my turn—I ended up having to wait only a few minutes!

With the crazy rush from LG, I was even more pumped for Samsung’s press conference and keynote later that day.

After such a crazy day, managing to tweet and pumping out two articles (woo! Check out the second!), my CES partner-in-crime/roommate treated ourselves to AMAZING nachos and—get this—peanut butter frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity3. #HEAVEN.

And of course, we couldn’t end the first official press day at CES without checking out the exclusive CES Opening Party at the famous Marquee Nightclub at the Cosmopolitan. My roommate said that this club is known for hosting the hottest celebrities, and I can tell why, with an amazing outdoor patio, multiple bars, a pool, and great music, I’m glad we checked it out. At the same time, we did get approached by one VC who gave us his business card and another who literally demo’d his product for us on his phone but it didn’t work. Otherwise, we danced, drank, and enjoyed the unique experience.

Only in Vegas.

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