Day 365: New Year’s Eve

Eva and I posing together for the last time in 2014

After 365 days, I’ve done it. In 365 posts, I’ve documented (most of) the moments that can be described as anywhere from utterly boring to unbelievably exciting.

There’s certainly a lot more that happened in 2014 that I didn’t post for the world to access. No matter how much I do open myself up to the both familiar yet partially anonymous group of readers I have, I left out experiences that remain only in my terrible, terrible memory. I can only record so much.

But for what I did manage to make record of, I am already so grateful. I’m someone who has written in diaries for years. If only I could read those now. But wait, I did type my diary in high school. And I still have the document. With all the entries.

*Some time later.* WOW. Just went down memory lane. Think of an angsty, emotional, dramatic high school student. That was me. Allow me to share some lovely excerpts (try not to LOL or cringe. I certainly did both.):

I freaked out 2 nights ago when I took medicine that had a missing seal and was scared to tears that I was going to die.

[July 23, 2007] High school is COMING very soon! I am SO excited. It’s unexplainable how excited I am!!!!

[November 7, 2008] I really hate high school. Just the people. The actual work is fine but the PEOPLE just piss me off.

I think this summer was probably the most boring one ever. I just READ like 24/7. Speaking of reading, I finally got the 4th It Girl book, unforgettable! It’s AMAZING. And I finally got the 11th (I think the last since they’re going to college) book of Gossip Girl…I forgot the title. But anyway, after that, there’s supposed to be a prequel coming out soon.

OMG I got recommended for AP American Government next yearrrrr!!! But everything is telling me not to do it. Apparently, even GT students this year don’t want to do it either because they got a visit from the AP teacher and said they’ll have 380518305180 tests and find 20 articles every month for something?! AP is college level and I don’ think I’m ready for it yet. So I’m denying the recommendation like I did with Bio GT and English GT. But I’ll probably want to move up for English GT. I didn’t accept Bio GT b/c again, too many projects and SCIENCE FAIR. Doesn’t sound interesting. Maybe they’re signs. The fact that I’m getting recommended for higher levels but denying it? Or just the higher level thing. Oh well, let’s see.

OMG I AM ACTUALLY GETTING MY BRACES OFF JUNE 13th!! Friday the 13th! Haha. And there will only be one day for everyone to actually see my new teeth! Great! UGH.

THIS SUCKSSSS!!! I accidentally pressed DON’T SAVE and deleted my entire diary entry I wrote earlier. Great. My life sucks. I’ll just write it again (goadjnvkadjlsd) later. Hate life.

OMG I was driving and I didn’t look both ways before proceeding in a 4-way intersection TWICE. I had to stop in a one-lane road 2 get off and go 2 the lesson (I was rushing and late) and the car behind me obviously was pissed and yelled GET OFF THE ROAD.

I finally drive to school but it was pouring rain outside so I had a bad morning, coming into school soaking wet. I hate my lunches. I don’t even have time to study for the SATs but I still have a lot of time. [What?]

I played my ORCH test with my group and I got an 84…wtf. I am hated. It was the easiest song too. I’m NEVER doing Music Theory.

HAHAHAHA. I know, I know. I was SO great. Consider that your treat for reading my blog—as if I weren’t already incredibly interesting already 😉 Oh, man. That’s cringeworthy.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope I wasn’t nearly as embarrassing these 365 days of 2014 as I was in high school.

Eva and I posing together for the last time in 2014