Day 357: For #ART

Driving on Baltimore National Pike

I see #ART so often in life that I don’t even think about the risks when whipping out my phone to take a photo. And I often don’t even think about using said photos for my blog. I just do it out of instinct. To capture #ART whenever possible.

Even when driving in the foggy winter rain.

Driving on Baltimore National Pike

I think my definition of #ART, whatever that may be, has expanded. Earlier this year, I most definitely would not have thought that a foggy afternoon driving along a boring, typical suburban road would have any artistic or photo-worthy qualities. But throughout the year, I have come to appreciate a lot more in life, and I seriously have Instagram and VSCO Cam to thank—SO much inspiration* on those platforms (@edwardkb, @vdubl@connortd, @kevinwonka, @xcanadian, @mattbg, @nk7, along with some I recently followed, including @trevortht, @rex.m, @vincelsl, and @litely). You can either find or make #ART anywhere. I encourage you to try it.

*Let me know if you would like more recommendations. The ones listed are great to start, especially if you’re interested in Asia 🙂 And really, just explore Instagram’s “Discover” tab. Endless inspiration. Endless works of #ART.