Day 354: Home Comforts

Mom's salmon fried rice

I just want to point out how I’ve been getting quite a few hits these past several weeks (maybe months) on my Hairy Tofu post from that one time in a village near Shanghai when I woke up at 5 a.m. to watch a villager make tofu. I’m confused. I keep getting spikes in viewership, but it’s from people searching and finding that one particular post. I mean, by now, I’m used to seeing viewership from across the globe from search engines (“275 hot photo” apparently leads to my blog). But why are people interested in hairy tofu? Not that it isn’t interesting, but you have to wonder.

Anyway, I suppose it’s hard not to enter a food-related search query and find my blog. I’m all about food, from going on food adventures with my mom for lunch to relishing her famous salmon fried rice for dinner.

It feels great to be home.

Noodles at Hanoori Town
Huge Korean market
The huge Korean market below the Hanoori Town food court sells so many useless things.
Mom's salmon fried rice