Day 351: Effort

Infusions Tea Spa drawing

My attitude toward my last final is quite laissez-faire. While I am putting effort into my colorful cheat sheet, I’m not expecting much, in terms of how well I’ll do.

At this point, I have a pretty good idea of how I’m going to do in the class, and this frankly won’t matter much.

Went to get boba today before my friend and I studied together. I went to Lollicup for its sesame boba, while she got boba at Infusions Tea Spa (yes, we have THAT strong enough opinions of boba that we went to two different places to get it).

At Infusions, I spotted a cute drawing by someone named “Sonya.”

Infusions Tea Spa drawing

After returning to StuVi to fill up the rest of my cheat sheet, I took a step back and realized just how ridiculous it looked. And this is only one side. I just want to take this exam and be done with finals already.

BU AC222 final exam notes