JO520 Idea Magazine Cover

Day 338: Panic

We spent the first half hour of our final Advanced Production and Design class slightly panicking over failing to log in to the COM servers where all of our work from the semester was saved, and at the possibility that all had been lost.

The chances were slim, but we still couldn’t help but laugh over how the servers decided to stop working at that exact moment when we needed them to present our final projects.

I printed one of my covers out—and I could have taken a better-quality photo of it—but I’m pretty proud of this one. My professor praised my uses of typography for this and my other magazine, but QuarkXPress wouldn’t let us print that one out for some reason. Anyway, I’m a huge typography fan and paid particular attention to choosing the best typefaces to fit my designs, so I’m glad she noticed.

JO520 Idea Magazine Cover
The cover of one of my magazines.