Day 334: Megasuck

The WiFi name found while waiting to board the Megabus back to Boston could not have more perfectly described the day.

Megabus WiFi
No, I could not connect to Megasuck.

It really started at midnight, when we all found ourselves already back at our hotel after returning from an extremely disappointing and boring event for a crowd of Singapore Americans that we just happened to know about through a friend. Disappointing because we had been looking forward to this for weeks and we paid for this. We arrived at 1OAK right when free flow ended and realized drinks were ridiculously expensive ($18 PER SHOT, $20 per drink). After standing around realizing how everyone knew each other and despite the cool crowd, we found ourselves incredibly bored.

I mean, who comes back at midnight in New York City?! And the reason we three didn’t go back out while our other friends did was because my two friends happened to get sick and frankly felt shitty the entire day and night anyway.

The Megasuck day continued when we searched for boba in Koreatown (huge, huge mistake, my friends. Koreans, as I am unfortunately reminded of time and time again, cannot make a good cup of boba) and found Tous Les Jours, after not being able to find the intended bakery of choice (Grace Street). Not only was it expensive ($5 per cup), but it just tasted so artificial and bad. I carried the hot cups in the unexpectedly warm morning weather back to the hotel, where our other friend was still getting ready at a snail’s pace.

Tous Les Jours bakery NYC
Don’t ever get bubble tea from a Korean bakery.

It didn’t help that the hotel room gets unbearably hot with the heater on. Since my friend still could not force herself to pick up the pace, my other friend and I decided to go to the restaurant we picked for brunch first. As luck would have it, we encountered unacceptably bitchy hosts who told us without any sympathy or respect that we could not be seated without a full party present. Even when my late friend finally arrived, the table they were going to seat us in was missing a chair. After waiting another five minutes watching them half-assedly (yes, it is now a word) try to find another chair, they ended up waiting until the next table was available to seat us.

They weren’t even ready by the time we were! And when we were seated, since we had to rush to return to the hotel to check out, I asked if we could just order immediately, but the host just had to respond with such snark, saying, “I’m not a waitress.”


As soon as that happened, I made it a point to never return. After all, service is everything, and no matter how good the food is (it wasn’t), service needs to be just as good for any restaurant to deserve respect. And you can bet that I submitted a negative review on Foursquare. I felt even more justified with my review when we witnessed the poor customers beside us, who had been seated at the same time as us, but didn’t get their food until we had actually finished ours.

Brunch at Penelope NYC

Nutella French toast at Penelope NYC
Nutella French toast at Penelope NYC.

The day only got more ridiculous with the bus ride home, which ended up taking six hours, plus the taxi ride home. We wasted an entire day on a Megasuck.

Line for NYC-Boston Megabus
Line for NYC-Boston Megabus.

It never felt so good to return to Boston.