Day 333: Food Forever

With all the food I have been enjoying, it actually should not be surprising that I managed to wake up without an alarm at 8:30 (after a night of clubbing in NYC, mind you) and proceed to work out for an hour at the poor excuse of a gym at Hotel Chandler.

Hotel Chandler treadmill results
Casual 5k the morning after.

For brunch, we headed to Momofoku Ssam, where the waiter strangely sat us at a long table with customers immediately beside us, when other tables were still open (we arrived right at opening). Aside from the seating and debacle at the end with charging the wrong bill (that’s what you get for sitting two parties at one table when not necessary), we had a great experience.

2014-11-29 11.43.38
That is how close we were.
Pork buns at Momofoku Ssam
The famous pork buns at Momofoku Ssam!
Duck and waffles at Momofoku Ssam
Duck and waffles at Momofoku Ssam.
Pork buns and salad at Momofoku Ssam.
Psh, salad.
Abe Lebewohl Triangle NYC
Abe Lebewohl Triangle NYC.
Soho shopping the day after Black Friday
Soho shopping the day after Black Friday. Love Snapchat filters.
Saint's Alp Teahouse in NYC
Saint’s Alp Teahouse in NYC has the best and most authentic bubble tea experience I have ever had, even after China.

After shopping in SoHo, we met up with some friends at Spice Market, an amazing Southeast Asian restaurant with an impressively authentic ambience. Unfortunately, that also meant poor lighting, so it’s not worth posting the poor quality photos I did take, except for this one when I caught the flash of a friend’s phone (because I was too embarrassed to use flash). My friend did take a photo of the staircase, though, if you care to see.

Enjoying Ladurée desserts at Spice Market
Enjoying Ladurée desserts after our amazing dinner at Spice Market.