Day 330: Home

I guess a lot of people woke up today at 4 a.m. to catch flights to return home.

But not many people craved and actually ate a burger from Burger King at 5 a.m.—like my friend did.

Burger King at 5 a.m.
She would.

Anyway, I loved coming back to my family—especially my dog. 🙂


But the most important thing that happened since returning home? I SWITCHED BACK TO THE IPHONE!!

I mean, is anyone, especially you readers, really surprised? My mom asked during lunch at a pho restaurant (yum and perfect for the chilly weather), whether I preferred the iPhone or Samsung. She says she reads my blog, but clearly if she did (and not just come for the photos), then she wouldn’t even have had to ask. Anyway, long story short, this led to us switching phones, and now I am back to the comfort and beauty of the iPhone.


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