Day 324: The Buzz

Went to BU ASU’s screening of Jubilee Project’s “Save My Seoul”—a rough cut of the film to be finished and released globally early next year.

I couldn’t help but think how genius Jubilee Project’s pre-release tour is. Hundreds of college students show up to these screenings at colleges, including Harvard, Brown, and Northeastern. Immediately after the film, Jason of the Jubilee Project prompts everyone to fill out a brief feedback form via link to a Google form. Just like that, they receive hundreds of comments, suggestions, reactions, etc. Plus, once they actually release the film, you just KNOW that these students will willingly provide so much free advertising in the form of social media and word of mouth. I mean, we got to see the advanced, rough version of the film and potentially will have influenced the final version—how do we not feel the hipster-like desire to make that known to everyone?

Oh, and you know, free Insomnia Cookies at events is always good, too 🙂

Jason of Jubilee Project at BU to screen "Save My Seoul"
Jason of Jubilee Project at BU to screen “Save My Seoul.”

Jason from Jubilee Project at BU!

After being one of the first few people to get a photo (we would have been first, but OF COURSE some BC jerks cut us, using the lame excuse of having to “go back to campus.” Like, you don’t even go here. I’m sorry your ASU was too lame to host a screening), I rushed to the Buzz magazine’s fall 2014 launch party at Agganis Arena’s Burke room. It was so nice to see the a cappella performances, because it took me back to my freshman and sophomore years when I would go see these performances, like, every weekend. I was a cool underclassman.

The Buzz Magazine fall 2014 launch at Agganis Arena Burke Room
Don’t mind the SH*T quality.
BU Study Abroad at the Buzz magazine launch
BU Study Abroad advertising their programs at the Buzz magazine launch. Oh, China ❤

As if the day hadn’t been long enough, I returned to my apartment with a strong desire to eat some good ol’ Asian food. With Inaka (ramen) and Super 88 closed, we made our way through the freezing chill to BonChon, which, to our surprise, was open till 1 a.m.

Oh, how I missed bibimbap and Asian food, in general. My first thought when I got this? A bibimbap Instagram photo is LONG overdue.

Tofu bibimbap from BonChon
IT’S BEEN WAY TOO LONG. Tofu bibimbap from BonChon.