Day 317: Nostalgia

These waves of heavy nostalgia for Shanghai hit me every once in a while.

While attempting to practice for my Chinese dictation tonight, memories and emotions consumed me.

I’m also feeling like a total recluse right now for various reasons, and it’s frustrating to think how easy it is to think you have such a crazy life in one instant and then think how utterly unexciting it is in another. Sure, perspective has everything to do with it, but right now, I’m seeing everything in a rather negative way. Long story short, once you get in a funk, it’s hard to dig yourself out of it.

During a happier moment of the day, I noticed an evergreen tree randomly erected on Comm. Ave. today on my way to and from my favorite Starbucks spot out of too many to count on campus. The autumn leaves have also been just beautiful, but at the risk of embarrassing myself, I haven’t taken photos of them despite thinking about it every time I notice how beautiful fall can be. You can at least catch a glimpse in this photo.

Evergreen Christmas tree in Kenmore Square
Evergreen Christmas tree in Kenmore Square.