Day 296: Naga

If you haven’t ordered a custom cake from BU Dining Service’s RiZe bakery, then I would highly recommend it.

For $25 without add-ons, you can get a customized cake ready within a day (they say 48 hours but 24 is apparently possible).

While I simply chose vanilla cake with vanilla icing (other option was chocolate), you can add a note requesting something slightly more special. Anyway, for something quick, convenient and pretty inexpensive, RiZe isn’t bad.

At risk of sounding like an ad for RiZe, I could probably get a similar-looking cake from Shaw’s—for half the price. As for quality of ingredients, I can’t say.

Custom birthday cake from RiZe

And given the, again, terrible weather, it would have been perfect if they could have delivered. But a personal delivery is always better anyway, I suppose 🙂

2014-10-24 22.52.14

Later, we attended a fundraiser for UNICEF’s efforts to fight the Ebola outbreak at Naga Nightclub in Cambridge. So packed but pretty fun.