Day 290: #Classy


Hard to believe that I have blogged for 300 days straight—at least 65 to go! (Seriously considering continuing to blog every day afterward. It has become such a great record-keeping habit.)

Never mind. I apparently just can’t count. Good thing I Googled what day of the year it was today (because I’ve miscounted before—how embarrassing) before broadcasting to the world that today was day 300. Anyway. Yay, 290.

I woke up today to study for my Chinese dictation and then went to Tatte Bakery & Café before class. My roommate and I have decided to make a weekly Tatte visit. #totallynecessary #classy

Tatte Bakery & Café

Shakshuka from Tatte Bakery and Café
Shakshuka: Traditional North African dish with bell peppers, tomatoes, topped with poached eggs and feta cheese served in a pan with toasted challah bread.
Pecan tart at Tatte Bakery & Café
Yummy pecan tart.

Dictation, as always, ended up being a complete joke. It’s ridiculous how wide the gap is between time spent studying and what is tested (literally 6 characters out of ~30).

I also got my polaroid taken for this semester’s issue of the Buzz magazine! So exciting. (#classy?)