Day 287: Impulse

No matter how amazing things may seem, making impulsive decisions always comes a cost.

My friend came over to figure out our plans for winter break. Given that she’s from Singapore, and therefore going home usually isn’t an option, she was itching to travel to the Bahamas or Peru. Or anywhere, really.

Using The Flight Deal website, she found unbelievably (literally, I could not believe the prices) cheap flights to various destinations, from San Francisco to Moscow (Russia in the winter? No, thank you.).

In the end, we impulsively bought tickets to the Bahamas and then the island of St. Thomas for January. It’s done.

But as exciting as it all seems, I had planned to go to Mexico with my friend and her friends in January. But since her friend has yet to receive word/permission for us to stay at their family’s vacation house, January was still technically open. I felt pretty guilty and just crappy that I would be going back on my word to go travel with her. She had been so excited, and I basically told her that my other friend and I didn’t think it was going to happen, only further crushing her hopes.

I knew I would dread telling her about it, too.

Yeah. Not sure how to feel now. This photo accurately describes the situation—searching for a trip late at night with my f.lux software running. F.lux helps match the computer screen lighting to the light in the room, so it’s not as harsh and ideally helps you sleep better.

2014-10-14 23.04.58