Day 280: In The Details

Currently typing this on a Dell computer in Mugar library, and compared to using a Mac computer, the typeface of everything hurts my eyes.

Nothing looks smooth enough, even sans serif fonts. My own blog looks terrible.

Why am I subjected to such ugly typeface? I’m accompanying my roommate, whose sh*tty HP laptop gave out on her. Without an outlet in sight for my MacBook, I’ve decided to use this PC. Although it’s interesting to compare the differences at first, I’m frankly glad I don’t have a PC.

I think taking this Advanced Production & Design course in COM has been making me increasingly picky about small details in design and even pickier than usual on editing.

I finally sent out the first newsletter for the Buzz Lab, which is part of BU School of Management and is where I work now in conjunction with Greenhorn Connect. I created essentially the entire, lengthy newsletter, from the monthly feature article to the photo captions, the design to the social media contest we’re holding (I would). #soproud

From now on, out of the now three interns that work for Buzz Lab, I’ll be handling the monthly newsletters, in addition to Greenhorn Connect’s weekly newsletters. Oh, and I can’t forget the weekly newsletter for BU Circle K International. Seriously, what has become of my life that I now manage three newsletters at once? Somewhat unfortunately, Buzz Lab and GHC use Constant Contact. As much as the service tries to make creating newsletters as simple as possible, I have issues with it.

If my phone had not died, I would have taken a photo of this ugly mess of typefaces on my screen. Even though I think screenshotting is cheating for this project, I’m going to do it anyway. You can’t not see this.

WAIT. THERE’S THE ENTIRE ADOBE SUITE ON THE COMPUTERS IN MUGAR?! I just tried to screenshot the page and when I browsed the programs for Paint, I found Photoshop. Then I found the Adobe menu item. Then I found the entire Adobe suite.

Why can’t I own the Adobe suite?! Oh, that’s right. I’m cheap and refuse to pay $20 a month for the student rate when I can use the software for free in COM and apparently Mugar. Despite this shocking discovery, I will always prefer using a Mac. I can’t imagine how hideous everything would look in Photoshop on a Dell.

Time to test it out. At 11 p.m. In Mugar. #whatismylife #thisiswhatIcallfun