Day 279: Darkness

Went to a film screening tonight at COM of Jia Zhangke’s “Touch of Sin”—more like “So Much Sin It’s Comically Ridiculous.”

Being back at the small theater in the basement of COM reminded me of the previous times I went to see films there. Once was to see “Beijing Bicycle” and another to see a collection of short films made by students who were lucky enough to be sent to China.

So much can be said of this film. It certainly casts a dark shadow on China’s violence and corruption. I lost count of how many people this one insane man shot just within the first part of the four-part movie.

If you haven’t seen it, I hesitate to say that I would recommend this one, mostly because Jia Zhangke has produced other films that are better, in my opinion (“The World” and “I Wish I Knew”). I also am not a huge fan of such violent movies. But even though I saw a lot more blood and murder than I had expected, it was rather comical at times. Especially near the beginning, this man who ended up shooting and killing everyone who he saw as corrupt was portrayed in such a way that made the audience laugh.

“Bastard,” he muttered to himself, after killing a man who was abusively whipping his horse—before continuing to murder his former classmate who became rich off corruption and then smiling about it while covered in blood.

Anyway, if this seems like your type of movie, then watch it and let me know what you think. I should probably try to get some work done now…

As for today’s photo, thanks to again waiting until the last minute to take a photo, I’m attempting to tie in Boston at night with the darkness of the movie. Just go with it.

Boston at night