Day 262: Fat Fridays

My Singaporean friend has been intent on using up her coupons from her—not one but—TWO coupon books that she (I kid you not) literally found on the street floor and picked up.

When she happened to text me immediately after my meeting with my Chinese class peers for our first group presentation on Monday, we both hadn’t eaten lunch yet. #busywomen

Since she still had to make a return at Bed Bath & Beyond, I agreed to meet her at BurgerFi for a very late lunch at 3 p.m. Unfortunately, the coupon was only valid from Sunday to Wednesday, and although we did consider other options where we could use her other coupons (lol), we eventually decided to just eat at BurgerFi.

She had hyped it up so much from the first time she went there and said it was the best burger she has ever had. Since I hate to use superlatives, I will say that this was one of the best burgers I have ever had. Try it, folks—even though it is such an obvious Shake Shack copycat.

BurgerFi burger and fries
Beginning of #fatassfridays.
She got 16 ounces worth of froyo. #FATASSFRIDAYS
She got 16 ounces worth of froyo. #FATASSFRIDAYS

Later, I went to Blanchard’s with my roommate for the first time. Yay for 21+ adventures.

First alcohol run!