Day 245: Last First Day

I hate to post yet another photo of the view from my room, but at least they are each still different in a way?

Besides, how could I not post what seems to be the only shot of the rainbow on Twitter from today’s sudden torrential downpour?

Rainbow on Charles River from Student Village

MIT’s Twitter account even shared my photo!

In other news, today was the last first day for us seniors. Quite a few people posted collages of their first day of school in kindergarten with a photo from today. I do have a photo from my first day in kindergarten with my sister, and naturally, it’s embarrassingly hilarious. But unfortunately for you readers, I don’t have it with me and didn’t care to take an “after” shot for a collage.

Instead, you get the Snapchat I took after being drenched from walking the short distance from the Comm Ave and Buick Street intersection to StuVi.

2014-09-02 20.25.30

My only class for the day went unexpectedly well, as summed up quite succinctly on the Facebook status I posted afterward:

First class impressions: There’s a 30-year-old student in my business journalism class. I’m the only undergraduate of the 4 students. Three, including me, are Chinese. ‪#‎FUN‬