Day 240: Chinatown Calling

Something about China keeps drawing me back.

Or Chinatown. First it was Philadelphia’s, then it was D.C.’s, and now back to Philadelphia.

This time, we stopped by because we had to pick up a family member from a nearby town. We couldn’t not stop at Chinatown, especially for yummy food and Kung Fu Tea! But I bet you’re sick of all the food photos (and if it’s not food, it’s my dog), so I made an effort to take more scenic ones, edited with my favorite photo-editing app, VSCO Cam.

Philadelphia Chinatown
Back again!
Philadelphia skyline
Pretty skyline 🙂

We had dinner back in Maryland with my sister. It was our last meal together before I ship up to Boston for my last year—gasp!—in college. Again, I’ll spare you the food photo. Plus, compared to the iPhone, the Samsung doesn’t take as good photos in low-light settings.