Day 235: Saturday Traffic, Pt. 2

Today was all about TRAFFIC. Funny how I have already had a post about Saturday traffic almost exactly six months ago in Shanghai.

Oh, my gosh.

Has it really been six months since my first few weeks in Shanghai? Is 2014 really already halfway over? Am I really about to start my last year of college? Before I panic even more with these rhetorical questions of sudden awareness, let’s resume the theme of traffic today.

It all began with waking up and discovering that someone from the U.S. at 3 a.m. had viewed what looked like all of my Shanghai blog posts—resulting in, not one, but TWO WordPress notifications telling me about a spike in site traffic. 150+ views will do that, apparently. This is also a record number for me, so thank you, stalk—I mean, stranger(s) 😉

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 6.05.06 PM

From what I gather from the stats, it looks like you came from the BU Shanghai website, so I hope that you spending two hours of your late, late night (yeah, all these detailed stats now need is full names of visitors hehe) browsing my blog meant your opinion of Shanghai (and frankly, me) only improved 🙂 *fingers crossed*

By the time lunch time came around, I went with my parents to a dim sum restaurant in Silver Spring that I haven’t gone to in years. I had to look it up and see pictures to recall exactly what my dad was referring to—it has been that long. And I don’t know why because this place is the bomb.

There was a slight wait, but we were pretty late for dim sum so we got a table much quicker than if we had gone a couple hours earlier or, God forbid, on a Sunday at 11 a.m.

Afterward, we drove to the Great Wall Supermarket in Rockville. Despite the rain, a long line of cars were waiting to just get into the parking lot when we arrived. Inside was packed. I totally regretted not taking a photo of the mayhem inside and even outside as people waited under the shade for their cars to pick them up. Something about the rain didn’t frame me in the best mood to take photos.

Later in the day, after picking up my sister from the DCA, I Yelped a Thai restaurant nearby. With five times the number of reviews than most of the other restaurants listed (five-star reviews, at that), Bangkok 54 in Arlington, about a two-mile drive from the airport, seemed to be a good choice.

The day of great food just didn’t end with the dim sum 🙂 Yes, we still encountered traffic on the way home at around 9 p.m.

Appetizers at Bangkok 54 Restaurant & Bar in VA
Thai curry puffs and house special duck rolls (roasted duck rolls filled with sweet duck sauce wrapped in hot roti).
Bangkok 54 Restaurant & Bar in VA
Steamed whole rockfish in chili-lemon sauce (my dad would) and my Panang curry chicken.