Day 233: Whole Foods

Today was the first time I went out armed with my new Samsung S5, ready to take photos for the blog—except I also brought my service-less iPhone 5 because my Samsung was running low on battery (didn’t want to charge it before leaving out of paranoia on maintaining excellent battery life, which meant not charging till dead or nearly dead). I didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to take a photo, should my Samsung die.

In the end, it wasn’t necessary, but I’m taking an embarrassingly long time (at least to me) to take a photo. With the iPhone, I was a pro at taking photos quickly and surreptitiously. With a perfect frame in mind, I could whip out my iPhone on one hand and after one swipe and a tap, I could have taken a pretty decent photo.

Yes, I can still do the same with a Samsung, but I’m not quite at the same level of ninja-like speed I had with the iPhone.

Before checking out my sister’s new apartment for the year, we had lunch at the food court inside the Lotte Korean market off Route 40. Instead of going with the usual bibimbap, I tried a Japanese dish at one of the Korean stands: ramen! I’ve been craving noodles for the past few days. It was not that filling and it ended up being a quite spicy, snot-inducing mess (nice imagery, huh?) but it was ramen noodles with yummy rice cakes—that itself was enough to make me happy.

Manna Lotte's fish cake ramen noodles
Manna Lotte’s fish cake spicy ramen noodles.

Once we got past the ridiculous traffic on an early weekday afternoon, thanks to taking another route, we arrived. As with my sister’s apartment last year, this year’s also surprised me. Her room for the school year is bigger than the one I have at home—and even the one I will be living in this year despite the infinitely more expensive price tag. #privateschool #citylife

Towson Woods Apartments
I’m always amazed at the new, clean apartments students in Maryland are able to rent out, compared to those old, rundown ones in Boston.
Towson Woods Apartments
You don’t get this in Boston.

A much-anticipated Whole Foods Market also just opened yesterday. From pictures on Foursquare and its Twitter account, basically the whole of Columbia and surrounding towns showed up yesterday. Especially in such a boring suburb, any new big business opening up is news for years. Heck, my family still calls the Arundel Mills shopping mall that opened 14 years ago “the new mall,” in Cantonese. #suburbanlife

Of course, the enormous store was still packed with excited patrons. What jobs? Going to Whole Foods was probably on everyone’s “midday break.”

Before even walking into the store, several vendors offered samples of food, from organic grass-fed beef to $1 oysters. Needless to say, my dad and I pigged out, while my mom and sister immediately went inside. Even inside, the food samples and expected yet uncontrollable emotions of awe and excitement were present.

Fresh oysters at Whole Foods Columbia
$1 fresh oysters. My dad got three for himself on the spot.

I mean, free cupcake samples? GET OUT OF MY WAY.

Can't seem to get a hang of taking quick, surreptitious photos just yet.
Can’t seem to get a hang of taking quick, surreptitious photos just yet. #BLURRY

But really. Whole Foods, man. They sure know how to make a girl excited.

We also couldn’t pass up the cookies—for $10.99 a pound. We got half a pound’s worth. #noregrets

Whole Foods chocolate hazelnut cookie sandwich
Chocolate hazelnut cookie sandwich. Just YES.

We even received a $10-off coupon for a purchase of $50 or more. $50 is scarily easy to spend at Whole Foods. We definitely spent more than that on this visit.

Oh, and school starts in less than two weeks. What. I changed my schedule around late last night, too. It doesn’t look very pretty, but I’m still so pumped to return to campus. It’s been almost a year…