Day 230: Magic Three

On these summer days when I stay home and largely do nothing, the photos I take (not even consciously for this blog) end up falling into one of three categories:

1) B, my “77-year-old” Pomeranian:


2) Selfie—you have no idea the number of selfies I will take on a good-hair day:

2014-08-18 11.56.47

3) Food—because it’s easy:

Turkey stack grilled sandwich from Zoe's Kitchen
Turkey stack grilled sandwich from Zoe’s Kitchen. Yes, the top half slid off but it looks better this way.

Today just happened to be that day when I took photos in each category. The important point: I don’t even do it consciously. Taking photos of my dog, myself, and food are actually part of my routine summer days. #noshame