Day 220: Extended Vaca

I’m so happy that my mom made the late-night decision to extend our vacation.

Our extra day resulted in extra fun. (Don’t care how cheesy that sounds.)

We started off with—if you can believe it—dim sum. For the third day in a row. At least this time it wasn’t at a racist-sounding restaurant like Ping Pang Pong in Vegas. This was simply called Bao.

My mom immediately pegged this place as a “white” restaurant. At around 11 a.m., the place was nearly empty, save for a few tables filled by white people. My worry about this place being packed proved to be completely unnecessary. Not a great first impression.

Bao Dim Sum House in L.A.

My mom insisted that this place’s dim sum would not be that good, despite our server telling us that they were made to order and the restaurant’s nearly perfect rating on Foursquare. So we ordered more entrée-like dishes and one plate of dim sum—a mixed veggie bao.

Luckily, the first dish proved us all wrong, impressing even my mom with the generous portion of vegetables.

Near the end of our meal, my mom noticed a kid across from us seated on a high-chair, expertly munching on a chicken wing. We just found it hilarious, especially thinking about how I hardly know how to eat a chicken wing.

This kid knows how to eat a chicken wing.
This kid knows how to eat a chicken wing.
Munched on this for a good ten minutes.
Munched on this for a good ten minutes.

Afterward, we walked back toward where we parked on Robertson Blvd, passing by a quaint little juicery. We had passed by it on our way to Bao, and on my second time pointing it out, knowing my sister would be a fan, my sister decided to check it out.

Beverly Hills Juice Club
Juicing is all the rage…

She ended up ordering a drink with cacao and bananas. It was a pretty large drink, and what was left over from the blender was given to us in a small cup. The drink cost $11. Seriously? I mean, it was good. And I guess it’s healthy.

Beverly Hills Juice Club
The leftover from the blended cacao drink. Looks literally like sh*t but tastes great. Also the first time I’ve ever heard of paying $11 for juice.

Beverly Blvd

The next hour or so was spent shopping on Robertson, though if it were up to me, I would not have spent as much time browsing such high-end/expensive shops. It just feels awkward, knowing that you can’t and aren’t willing to spend $400 for a pair of flats.

With still an entire afternoon ahead of us and no concrete plans, my mom and sister wanted to return to the hotel to take a break before going elsewhere to shop again. Against this idea, I quickly Yelped things to do in the area and found Runyon Canyon Park. Even though none of us were prepared to hike, wearing flip flops, dresses, etc., it was worth at least checking out, I thought.

Los Angeles
What a view.
Hollywood Blvd
Making our way to Runyon Canyon along Hollywood Blvd.

As soon as we arrived, all I saw were people dressed in workout clothes walking in and out of one of the gates. Oh, man. So it really was going to be a hike.

Not wanting to waste this opportunity to see all of L.A. from the top, I decided to quickly hike up a few minutes—just enough to see the city and take some photos. With my mom in wedges and a dress and my sister not interested (as expected), I made the trek up feeling self-conscious about my unsuitable outfit and Canon T5i. What a tourist.

But it was totally worth it. A shirtless old man even told me sarcastically, “Enjoy your hike,” having noticed what I was wearing—a crop top, skirt, and Marc Jacobs flip flops. I DID.

Then we returned to the hotel to rest for an hour (I began transferring and editing 200+ photos from the past few days).

Our next stop: Third Street Promenade. My sister had apparently been here before with a friend and couldn’t wait to go to Brandy Melville. Before walking along the outdoor mall, we walked down the block to the Santa Monica Pier. The late afternoon sky and beach breeze were just perfect.

While my sister spent the entire time we had in Brandy Melville, my mom and I walked along the promenade, catching bits of street performances. Soon, it was time to leave to meet up with our L.A. friends in Koreatown for dinner.

Little did we know, we would have to wait for nearly two hours for a table at this ridiculously popular restaurant. But since my mom had mentioned wanting to try hookah (no joke) having seen photos of people doing it (I’m convinced she did it for the photos), we went to a café next door where they provided hookah.

What we did while waiting nearly two hours for Korean BBQ next door.
What we did while waiting nearly two hours for Korean BBQ next door.

The best part of the experience was when my mom tried it for the first time and, as my sister tweeted, basically coughed up a lung. Our friend managed to catch that exact moment on camera when she coughed, and we all nearly died of laughter. It was that funny. Unfortunately but not unexpectedly, my mom deleted the photo after we all had our chance to see the work of art.

At almost 10 p.m., we were finally seated.

The wait was totally worth the amazing food and bustling nightlife experience.