Day 218: Viva Las Vegas

There are several reasons why this post has taken me three days to finally put up, including the sheer number of photos I had to sift through and edit only from this day. Traveling makes updating on time quite a challenge—especially with WiFi problems.

Consider that your fair warning to the length of this post. This is easily the post with the most photos so far. I tried to cut down the number of photos but it was such a full and fun-filled day that I wanted to share as much of that as possible.

Let’s begin with our walk from Caesar’s Palace to Gold Coast Hotel, where we enjoyed a delicious dim sum brunch, as recommended by our uncle who had visited earlier this summer.

Afterward, we made the one-mile trek back to Caesar’s, despite the abnormal insistence of my dad to take a taxi. Of the four of us, it would seem that he and I would be the ones to insist on walking, but my mom and sister surprised us by convincing my dad to walk.

Once we took a brief break at the hotel, we headed down to the massive pool area. It was so, so hot. My dad really enjoyed himself playing blackjack in the pool. We even got free drinks–though we did purchase one margarita for a whopping $18 before we were told we could get the drinks for free. Maybe it’s because my dad had gambled $100.

Caesar's Palace Las Vegas pool
Poolside life.

On the way back to our rooms, I noticed a replica of Michelangelo’s David in the hotel. It still amazes how much the hotels in Vegas (Caesar’s, Venetian, Palazzo) mimic Italy—and don’t forget Paris’ Eiffel Tower. Where’s the originality?

Caesar's Palace David replica
Caesar’s Palace David replica.

Next up was an early yet amazing(ly expensive) meal at what has been considered the best buffet in Vegas—Bacchanal. We didn’t even have to wait because we had walked in around 4 p.m. Luckily for us and unbeknownst to us at the time, the wait times are normally extremely long. But even at 4 p.m. it was packed.

Bacchanal Buffet Caesar's Palace Las Vegas

Bacchanal Buffet Caesar's Palace Las Vegas
Crab legs and oysters!

The best part was—hands down—the desserts. As you can tell from my plate, I was basically a kid in a candy store. Oh, how I wanted to try everything but couldn’t fit it all on my plate—or frankly my belly.

Bacchanal Buffet in Caesar's Palace
Bacchanal Buffet in Caesar's Palace
Amazing peanut butter-filled chocolate cookie.

Since the main reason we came ended up falling through (the Celine concert that my uncle raved about and my dad has been wanting to see), we managed to get tickets to Recycled Percussion at The Quad Resort & Casino. The band was on one of my favorite TV shows, America’s Got Talent. If it weren’t for the commercial I saw while working out at the gym that morning, I would not have been so insistent on seeing the show with my family. Who knew commercials could be so effective?

Family :) <3
Family 🙂 ❤

Simply put: We loved the show. We managed to get great seats for a great price. It made me even happier knowing that my family seemed to really enjoy it all, from banging along on our pots and pans to the funny skits with the audience. Get ready: Here are just some of the photos I took from the show:

Once we left the hotel, we walked down the crowded street toward the High Roller Observation Wheel, which claims to be the tallest at 550 feet.

With my dad feeling the jet lag and my sister not interested in riding the wheel, my mom and I stayed to go on the wheel and see Vegas at night.

The High Roller Observation Wheel
About to board!

For about $38 per person at night, the wheel certainly feels like a bad tourist trap. But this was just one of those experiences that you feel is worth at least telling others about. Plus, the awesome photos you get out of it are pretty cool 🙂

The High Roller Observation Wheel

View of Vegas on the High Roller Observation Wheel Las Vegas
Fantastic view.

View of Vegas on the High Roller Observation Wheel Las Vegas

Phew—you’re almost done, I promise. Thank you for making it this far. Now just three more photos from the walk back to the hotel 🙂