Day 215: Chinatown Chow

My worst fear has come true. (EDIT: Fixed 🙂 )

Somehow, I have missed a day in my project. And I don’t mean just forgot to take a photo, but a full post has been left out of my project. From the Discover tab on Instagram, I saw a photo from an account that seemed to be posting a photo a day. I looked through the account and noticed that August 3 is supposed to be day 215—not 214 like I have.

Somehow, I have missed a day.

HOW?! WHEN?! Was it during my weekend trips in China when I had no Internet access for up to four days and had to catch up upon returning? Most likely. Or it could even be when I was at home and felt too lazy to blog because I had done nothing that day, thinking I could postpone till the next day but forgot. If my count was one over, then maybe I had simply skipped the numbering by accident and didn’t really miss a day. But the fact that I’m one day behind makes messing up the numbering (i.e., having repeated a day in numbering) less likely.

I guess I can’t do anything about it now, unless an incredible and loyal reader of mine helps me go through 214 posts (I only recently started to adjust each time stamp to the intended day when I hold off blogging till the next day, making this mission even more cumbersome).

Now onto lighter issues: My day full of eating in NYC.

As I mentioned yesterday, the lobby of the Hyatt Union Square hotel is beautifully designed. My iPhone 5 can only capture so much—I should have tried a panorama. Anyway, you can at least tell from this the portrait on the window.

Hyatt Union Square Hotel lobby
I couldn’t do the beauty of the lobby justice.

I had a surprisingly good night’s sleep here. Waking up only once in the night, I slept till 9 a.m., when the notification sounds on my sister’s iPhone stirred me from my sound slumber. The beds were so soft and comfy 🙂

Energized for the day, we headed down to Chinatown, passing by an interestingly shaped museum.

New Museum NYC
Literally called the New Museum.

Upon arriving at the packed Golden Unicorn restaurant for Sunday dim sum, my sister, friend, and I decided to get some boba from Kung Fu Tea, about 0.4 miles away. Of course, 0.4 miles in a city is several blocks, so by the time we arrived, we were sweating and craving those chewy tapioca pearls.

Kung Fu Tea Chinatown NYC
Snapping throughout the day is the life of a NYC tourist, specifically me. Huge fan of Snapchat’s new location-based filters, by the way.

2014-08-03 20.03.12

The trip back, however, seemed so much quicker, with our drinks in hand and knowing the way. Even when we were back, we still had to wait with crowds of people downstairs (the restaurant takes up the second and third floors) for at least 15 minutes. But as everyone there waiting correctly thinks, the wait was worth it.

Golden Unicorn dim sum NYC
Fried tofu with shrimp.

After dim sum, we walked around a bit, passing by a block full of Confucius-named stores, with a Confucius statue at one end.

2014-08-03 13.41.12

Despite having just eaten, we knew what our next stop would be: The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory—featured on BuzzFeed as one of the best ice cream shops in the country and on multiple other top lists.

The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
The most crowded shop in Chinatown. Sorry to the Häagen-Dazs down the street.

The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
The amazing menu.

Naturally, we had to try the unique flavors. Why try something as ubiquitous as vanilla when this place is known for the unique Asian flavors, including black sesame, egg tart, almond cookie, red bean, and zen butter (peanut butter with toasted sesame seeds)? My family friends absolutely loved the black sesame, making me think I should have gotten that instead of the zen butter, which turned out to be not as flavorful as expected. I did enjoy the bits of almond cookie, though.

The Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
Bottom half: Almond cookie. Top half: Zen butter (peanut butter with toasted sesame seeds).

We shopped a bit and explored Little Italy more.

Little Italy NYC
Hello, again.

Only in NYC can you find something like this, huh?

Naked man at NYC gallery storefront
I have censored this for obvious reasons, but by the unstoppable giggles from my mom, you can tell this was not censored in person.

Soon, we made our way to Congee Village—yes, the place where the owner tried to set me up with his son and gave me a depressing fortune of my future the last time I was here.

Unfortunately for my sister who wanted to get her own hands read, today was her day off. Still, we enjoyed a pleasant last meal in NYC.

Mushrooms doused in wasabi at Congee Village NYC
Mushrooms doused in wasabi.
Crab at Congee Village NYC
Yummy crab.
Tofu at Congee Village NYC

Amtrak-ing it back to BWI now. Until next time, NYC ❤

2014-08-03 20.45.21