Day 212: Five Miles, FiveFingers

I ran nonstop another five miles today. Although I do feel proud, it’s about time I finally get some new shoes—specifically Vibram FiveFingers.

My feet started hurting earlier this week, but with running twice the usual distance, the pain of my blisters has finally become unbearable. I got these shoes early in college at Marathon Sports, a reputable shop in Boston, and they’ve been reliable until now. Does this mean I can call myself a legitimate runner? Heh.

Going out to shop for some as soon as I can tomorrow.

Worn pair of Brooks shoes
These Brooks shoes have been through a lot, including the Color Run, the remnants of which you can still see…

In other news, my lunch at Pho Saigon in Catonsville was comforting 🙂

Pho Saigon in Catonsville
Grilled pork over vermicelli.