Day 208: High School

Reunited with a group of high school friends today—and funny how so much has happened among us yet little has changed.

After joining them a few hours late at Centennial Park (I’ve never been a fan of ultimate frisbee) and chatting a bit, we discussed dinner options.

We ruled out Korean BBQ because of someone’s dietary restrictions, which made me think of the only vegetarian/vegan restaurant I knew and was a huge fan of—Great Sage. I recommended the Lentil And Green Chile Burger and Thai Coconut Curry and ended up trying something new.

Great Sage's Grilled Local Mushrooms
Grilled Local Mushrooms ($17) at Great Sage.

The mushrooms were great and flavorful, but that’s about all I can say for the dish. For the hefty prices, you would expect more, and that’s certainly what some people in the group thought. In the end, I don’t think the meal convinced any of them to try another vegetarian restaurant, let alone return to this one. I admit the meal wasn’t nearly as impressive as the previous two times I’ve been. Pretty sure my hype over how “amazing” the food is didn’t help, either.

Afterward, we headed to Tutti Frutti at Maple Lawn, where we all further caught up on each other’s lives.

Also, I’m realizing I’m becoming too comfortable with taking photos of food and not “in-the-moment” ones—because those are truly the most interesting ones. Who cares about grilled mushrooms?