Day 206: Comp Feast

First things first: I finally updated my blog theme!

Let me know in the comments what you think! It took me way longer than necessary to change the favicon (the 16-by-16-pixel icon you see on your browser tab). Long story short, I made a really simple change seem so much more complicated. I had attempted to create one years ago with a red letter ‘S’—but if I’m being honest with myself, it was hideous and didn’t show up well. I finally decided to change it; I kept it simple by using an open-book emoji. I probably will change it again soon if I can think of a better idea.

As for the theme, I wanted to to keep it clean and simple but still interesting. No, I’ve never been willing to shell out the ~$80 for a WordPress theme (how is the Elemin theme worth $125??), but there was no way I was ever going to use the standard, cringeworthy WordPress themes or the ones that try to be unique but everyone ends up using. Case in point: I put a lot of thought into choosing a new theme. It’s not as customizable as my previous one without paying, but I’m very happy with it.

Anyway, I joined my parents and uncle for lunch at the Maryland Live! Casino today. They had planned to check out the buffet there, and despite my recent buffet bashing, I agreed to go. I guess fortunately for all of us, the buffet was not yet open when my parents arrived, and even though they would have only had to wait another 15 minutes until it did by the time I arrived, they judged that the buffet didn’t look good, anyway. I mean, does any buffet ever really “look good”?

Instead, we ate a comped meal at Luk Fu. I would have preferred trying a new restaurant, but this was only my second time anyway. Thanks to my uncle, we ordered six dishes (five are pictured) for four people. Plus, I enjoyed a pretty good chilled milk bubble tea (worth $6 for a glass…). Our Mandarin-speaking waitress was apparently rather fond of me, so she even gave me a refill. LOL. Needless to say, we pigged out.

Maryland Live! Casino's Luk Fu
So much food.

One redeeming point: I ran, jogged, and walked two laps around Centennial Park in the evening. On a Friday night, it became more apparent to me than ever that having more people at the park motivates me to run more and faster.

It’s quite a psychological thing. Basically, while running, I occasionally have to speed up to run past people (and sometimes even slow down for others to pass me). Right when I’m about to transition from running to walking, I have to do it strategically so that I don’t stop right behind people for them to hear my heavy breathing and think that I’m following too closely. At the same time, I can’t stop right in front of them, because, well, then they would be following me too closely. All these (psychotic?) fears results in me running farther just so I can find that sweet spot to stop and walk.

I’m not that crazy, I promise.