Day 205: Disappointment

Cardinal rule of cupcakes: You do NOT EVER refrigerate them!!!!!

Such was the rule that Touché Touchet Bakery broke, which resulted in a less-than-pleasant cupcake-eating experience.

Upon entering, the array of baked goods nearly made my mouth water. Everything looked absolutely delicious. Little did I know, the amateurs chilled their cupcakes.


Touché Touchet Bakery s'mores cupcake
Looks so much better than it tastes.

(Clearly, I’m very passionate about cupcakes. I watch cake shows constantly, after all.) This discovery is made even worse at the fact that I had been wanting to come here ever since I discovered it on Yelp and Foursquare.

First sign of inferiority: Its location. Located right off of a highway and in a seemingly deserted and old center, the bakery did not seem to be very popular or inviting, despite its reviews. Upon entering, the staff certainly was very attentive and kind, and believe me, my excitement level was at an all-time high.

Unfortunately, the cold cupcake seriously disappointed me. I could hardly taste the meager marshmallow filling, and the cake itself lacked the moisture and warmth of a fresh cupcake. I finished it, nonetheless, but I’m sad to say that even though its other non-cupcake items looked amazing, I most likely will not be returning.