Day 202: Crêpe Calling

Ever since I first visited this new local café, I’ve been wanting to return to try its crêpes.

And I finally did.

Café Mezcla shrimp & avocado crêpe
A mess to eat but flavorful and satisfying 🙂

I had Café Mezcla’s shrimp and avocado crêpe (which is also the most expensive on the menu at $9.50) that also consisted of a “broccoli mix,” topped with drizzles of Thai and toasted sesame sauces. In short, I wolfed that sh*t down.

The only thing is, this café has so much potential (I mean, just look at its mouthwatering menu), but it still doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of business—albeit it was after 6 p.m., and they only recently extended their hours to 8. It was completely empty when I visited. While waiting for my food, I took in my surroundings, trying to glean from what looked like a chic café reasons for its slow business.

It couldn’t be the markings on the side of the counter that made it look unfinished, right? Or the small drops of white paint still slightly noticeable on the tiled floors? Or the out-of-place items stored under a table that had a pitcher of water and Styrofoam cups? Or even the ice cream counter that’s blocked by a large refrigerator full of beverages?

No. The reason for the lack of patrons is more likely due to no WiFi (seriously, though. Cafés of all businesses should have password-free WiFi). Or the fact that this place did only open a few months ago. Or the change in hours.

From what I’ve experienced so far, the food is great. Service and staff are acceptable. Prices are reasonable for a newly opened small business that uses fresh ingredients. The logo design is clean and modern. Location could be better. And personally, I think they shouldn’t use Styrofoam to-go boxes or cups. But all in all, I see myself returning again and again—if not to sit and do work, then simply to try all it has to offer, from sweet crêpes to bubble tea drinks.

If you happened to make it all the way down here (the length of my posts vary so much, I know): In a completely unrelated note, due to my curiosity finally getting the best of me, I’m really interested in knowing who reads my blog. Based on Facebook, WordPress stats, and people who have just told me, I already have an idea but would love to know more! Please do me a quick favor by leaving a comment, whether it’s on this post, an old one that you really liked (heh, yeah, I like to assume people actually like my posts), or even a future one if you don’t feel like it now. Really, the comment may be as simple as, “I read this. -[your name].” I’m THAT curious. Thanks in advance 🙂