Day 201: Return Home

It has been a great 10 days out of the country, but I’m ready to return home.

Calgary Tower, skyline
Goodbye, Calgary!

But I couldn’t leave Canada without making a stop at Ontario-based Tim Hortons. My cousin convinced me that I must try its iced capp—and I am glad I did, even if it was at the airport right before our flight. I didn’t know if there were locations in the U.S. (turns out there are 600…but at least none nearby) but I had to visit either way.

Tim Hortons iced capp
Long-awaited iced capp from Tim Hortons!

This being the 200th day of my 365-day-photo project, I feel like I should probably write more—or at least do something slightly more special but with 699 photos from my 10-day trip to import, sift through, delete, edit, crop, upload…I’ll just keep it short and sweet 🙂

EDIT: Yeah, not 200. I can’t count sometimes.