Day 200: Wedding Day

I haven’t been to a wedding in years, and the ones I have been to mostly were for Asian couples I had never met and only “knew” through my parents. From the deep reaches of my memory, I recall those weddings also were extremely Chinese, meaning they involved all Chinese food, decorations, venues (Chinese restaurants), etc.

The fact that this was my cousin’s wedding that was held entirely in the hotel we stayed at meant that this wedding would automatically be infinitely more helpful to my understanding of what non-100-percent-Chinese weddings are like.

The day started off early at 10 a.m. with a tea ceremony (though not nearly as early as those bridesmaids—bless their souls—who were up as early as 4:45 a.m. for hair and make-up).

Wedding Snapchat selfie
Roasted pig at wedding
Posing next to the roasted pig at the morning tea ceremony.
Tea ceremony
Tea ceremony 🙂

After a buffet of amuse-bouche, we took our seats in the white-and-yellow decorated ballroom of the Delta Bow Valley hotel for the wedding ceremony.

Wedding ceremony

I sat right at the entrance in an aisle seat, meaning I most likely inadvertently photobombed 99 percent of the photos taken.

The rest of our afternoon was free until cocktails and dinner at 6 p.m., so we returned to the shopping center we went to yesterday to finish our browsing (found and bought the last black-and-white-striped maxi dress from Jacob that I saw someone at the wedding wear). The C-Train in Calgary has a no-fare zone (great idea), so we easily took the train a few stops. On the way back, I snapped a photo of the beautiful Bow skyscraper.

The Bow skyscraper in Calgary
The Bow skyscraper is the tallest in Calgary, serving as the headquarters for EnCana Corporation and Cenovus Energy.

We made it back on time to enjoy front-row seats to the reception, where I just happened to be assigned to sit right next to the wedding cake. I couldn’t help but laugh. If you know me well enough, you would know that I am obsessed with cake shows.

Wedding cake

The rest of the night was filled with delicious food, tearful speeches, and more instances where I probably unintentionally photobombed everyone’s photos (sat right next to the cake which was right next to the dance floor).

Wedding kiss
THIS is how you kiss a bride 😉
First dance
First dance.

All in all, a weekend well-spent in the friendly city of Calgary 🙂