Day 198: Three Time Zones

As much as I love traveling, being on an airplane all day is never fun.

First, it was a nine-hour flight from Rome to Toronto. Then we endured a four-hour flight from Toronto to Calgary.

Three time zones. One exhausting day.

Rome airport security
This is such a simple yet genius idea. Every airport should adopt this system.
Mini Nutella jars
So mini. So cute.

am looking forward to the family wedding this Saturday, though. Oh, and the hotel here? Absolutely luxurious compared to those in Italy. We have thick blankets again so I won’t wake up freezing in the middle of the night (hopefully). And room to put our suitcases and still walk. And working WiFi in the room. And—the BEST part—a fitness center!!!

Time to go to sleep so I can wake up early for the gym. Gotta work off all that Italian food…