Day 196: Wandering Venice

Got lost in Venice twice and loved it. Our tour guide told us purposely to get lost in Venice—and so we did.

It’s mind boggling to look back and think about all that we’ve done in one day. From finding a tray of Nutella packets at breakfast (should have taken a photo!!) to taking our second water taxi ride to Piazza di San Marco; from watching a glass artist in action to wandering the nonsensical streets of Venice and only relying on large yellow signs to point us in the right direction; from being called mei nu (beautiful girls in Chinese (clearly he has rowed many Chinese tourists) by the gondolier while enjoying our a leisurely bucket list-worthy ride through the Grand Canal, to getting lost again while trying to find our way to a popular university square with 23 bars—our final day in Venice is finally (and sadly) over.

Take a look back at just some of the moments from the eventful, beautiful day.

Venice, Italy Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy
THE COLORS. No editing required.
Venice, italy
1 euro for a photo? No, thanks.
Venice, Italy
Notice anything odd?
Venice's Bridge of Sighs
The Bridge of Sighs is NOT supposed to be romantic, our tour guide insisted.
Vecchia Murano Glass Factory
Glass-making demo begins!
Vecchia Murano Glass Factory
Commence the “oohs” and “ahhs” from the audience.

Vecchia Murano Glass Factory

Vecchia Murano Glass Factory
Voila! I mean, ecco?
Venice, Italy
Shopping in the streets of Venice.
Venice gondola
Candid gondola ride pic?
Venice with Eva
My sister and me 🙂
Venice with Eva and Kayla
The early evening Venetian skyline is gorgeous 🙂