Day 190: Trading Tags

It wasn’t until I was writing the caption for the photo below for Instagram that I realized I really do travel a lot. (Didn’t start packing until about 9 p.m., by the way. Procrastination at its finest. Also interesting to note that this procrastination is a stark contrast to my younger world-traveling self, when I would actually write lists of things I needed to bring and begin packing days or weeks before trips).

I am using the same suitcase for Panama back in January, so the luggage tag for it was still there when I thought of using my new one that Fudan University gave us back in Shanghai. And now I’m going to Italy and Canada—after a weekend in NYC.

I guess I’m fulfilling my desire to spend this summer traveling rather than working.

Also, does the fact that I’m more excited for all the pictures I already know I will have from the trip than anything else mean that I’m a photographer? So excited for #ART.

Luggage tags
Trading in my Panama luggage tag for my new Fudan one 🙂