Day 181: Running

These past few days of posts have been pretty negative, so let’s lighten up the mood a bit with my running accomplishments.

I’m a huge a fan of running at a local park, especially since a group of high school friends and I would go running around there often. We made a Facebook group titled “Out of Tune/Out of Shape” (largely because the members originally consisted of our now-defunct out-of-tune string quartet) and scheduled our runs on there.

Three years later, even though the Facebook group is no longer used, I continue to make the 15-minute drive to workout and take in the awesome scenery that I miss while not at home, i.e., in Boston or Shanghai.

On Friday, for the first time, I ran around the entire ~2.5-mile park and—get this—continued to run even after making my first-ever loop without stopping. But after running 5k (I use the MapMyWalk app), I decided I shouldn’t push myself too much and then began alternating between walking and running for the rest of my second lap. My pride was through the roof.

I went again today and did the same thing, though I stopped running after the first lap. And despite walking/running an extra half mile, I saw that my pace was exactly the same as on Friday, but because I hadn’t ran a straight 5k, I felt as if I had done less when according to my app, I actually performed better.

Centennial Park
I love the beauty of Centennial Park.

My bangs have also grown to the point where I need to pin them back, or else they cover my eyes entirely. Up until today, I had been too lazy to get them cut and contemplated whether I should let them grow out or keep them. Keeping them, as my sister pointed out, would mean I would have to get them cut monthly, which is particularly annoying when I’m used to getting a haircut about twice a year.

My mom has also been insisting that she knows how to cut hair, and after weeks of refusal, I…finally gave in.

I dramatized the experience with some selfies of me with my mouth agape while she was using her “special” scissors to cut my bangs, but in the end, my sister’s shot of me laughing while my mom tried to avoid the camera was the best. (YOU’RE LUCKY IF YOU GET TO SEE IT BEFORE SHE FORCES ME TO TAKE THIS DOWN!)

Mom cuts my bangs
She’s going to kill me for putting this up…