Day 173: We Survived

Last day at Firefly 2014! Creating the hashtag, #ISurvivedFirefly2014. Hey, it was my first time camping in a tent and going this hard for a music festival. Vans Warped Tour seems like nothing compared to this.

My second favorite show? A Great Big World. It’s funny (and I don’t want to be one of those people who brag about knowing bands before they “got big”)—I saw them open for 2Cellos at the Shubert Theatre in Boston back in October last year, right before they were played on radios and people really knew of them. I remember my friend and I thinking, Hm. They’re actually pretty good. What are they called again?

Fast forward to nearly a year later and I’m singing along to every song they play at the band’s first festival.

Unfortunately for them, Weezer was playing at the same time on another stage. This was great news for us, though, because that meant we could be amazingly close to the stage.

A Great Big World at Firefly Music Festival 2014
Tight, colorful pants are a thing for A Great Big World, except for Oscar on the guitar. I dig it.

The last shows we saw were The Lumineers, Martin Garrix, and Jack Johnson.

Firefly Music Festival 2014 selfie
#festivalselfie 🙂
Firefly Music Festival 2014 selfie
#festivalselfies for days.
Martin Garrix at Firefly Music Festival 2014
Martin Garrix told the audience to all sit then jump on his count. It was fantastic.
Martin Garrix at Firefly Music Festival 2014
This 18-year-old DJ/producer seriously knows how to hype crowds.

Again, I am insulting so many fans by saying this, but I felt the same way with Jack Johnson as I did with Foo Fighters. Even though I at least have heard of a few songs of his, I still couldn’t help but feel like I didn’t belong and wanted to leave. My whole body ached after standing all day.

And despite toying with the idea of staying Monday night, as well, we had packed up everything this morning to be able to head home, shower, use real toilets, and sleep in our beds after Jack Johnson.

Given how tired I was, I really should not have driven. I caught myself two or three times closing my eyes for a fraction of a second while speeding our way home to make it back by 1 a.m. By the time we got home, I rushed inside to shower, scrubbing myself down and just so happy to be home.

Of course, updating my blog was on my mind at 2 a.m., so I couldn’t help but edit and upload photos before passing out at 2:45 a.m. Even though I knew I wouldn’t get to doing any writing until the next day, I just wanted to feel I was making some progress on catching up with blogging. I also couldn’t help but return to my Thought Catalog addiction, browsing through the posts and opening tabs for all the articles I thought were interesting and saving them to read over the next day or two. The things I do in the middle of the night.

Anyway, would I do Firefly again? I would say it depends on the lineup but honestly probably not. My friend already can’t wait until the next one, but if I have to sit stand through another show with a band I don’t know in the cold night with my body aching and hopelessly dirty, I might scream (and not because I enjoy the music). I would rather pay more to see one band indoors for one night than spend three roughing it and feeling obligated to listen to bands I just don’t like.

Overall, though, I must say I did enjoy the few bands I did see, and just to experience camping and festival life was worth the negatives. If I had been more prepared (i.e., listened to the songs of performers I didn’t know, understood better what I would be getting myself into), then my personal experience may have been slightly more pleasant.