Day 172: It’s Time

After a full day at the festival yesterday, at least one layer of dirt covering your entire body is inevitable. And if you wear flip flops like I did, expect to not be able to distinguish between your nails and your skin because of how dirty your feet get. It’s quite disgusting. Thankfully, we finally took what was a freakin’ fantastic shower. Even though we woke up early again from the heat and were at the showers by around 8 a.m., the line still seemed ridiculously long. Luckily it went quicker than expected, and the shower conditions were much better than expected. Running water never felt so good.

Line for showers at the Firefly Music Festival 2014
The 30-minute wait was shorter than expected for what looked like such a long line.

As clean as we can be and after a similar now-that-we’re-up-and-can’t-sleep-but-read-and-drink pre-festival routine as yesterday (now with an additional chatting with neighbors aspect), we made The Trek for the third day of the festival.

Cage the Elephant audience at Firefly Music Festival 2014
Made it just in time for Cage the Elephant’s performance of “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked.”

By far, Imagine Dragons was my favorite show. You know, since I actually knew all their songs and thus could enjoy every part of it, especially when Imagine Dragons invited Cage the Elephant onto the stage.

Imagine Dragons at Firefly Music Festival 2014
Cage the Elephant joining Imagine Dragons on the stage? As if I weren’t already starstruck and amazed by Imagine Dragons!

We caught the beginning of OutKast, but since nights are comparatively so much colder than days, we figured it was worth leaving and making The Trek back to campgrounds for warmer clothing before returning for our first post-midnight show with Pretty Lights.

Pretty Lights at Firefly Music Festival 2014
Pretty Lights is such a fitting name.